Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Springtime Floral Gradient Stamping Nail Art

Good morning everyone! I finally had the desire to do some nail art recently and once I sat down to do it, I actually had a really hard time deciding on what exactly to do. It sure helps to have the book around to thumb through for inspiration! I decided on a neutral base with pink/purple gradient stamping and a floral pattern.

The base I chose is OPI My Vampire is Buff, one of my most favorite neutrals. I used Zoya Reagan, OPI Antibleak, and OPI Miss You-niverse to create a stamping gradient by painting a line of each shade and dragging the scraper across the stamping plate in the same direction as I painted the lines. I'm usually not into flowers and floral patterns but I really love this! How do you feel about florals? Fun or granny-style?


  1. Everything about this mani is gorgeous!

  2. These are gorgeous! Perfect for Spring too.

  3. LOVE these!
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  4. I'm really into stamping nail art with gradient.

  5. Beautiful! Love the color combination! I love gradient stamping.

  6. Your stamping lately has been amazing!! Gorgeous combo!


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