Wednesday, April 2, 2014

KBShimmer Spring 2014 Collection: The Creams Swatches/Review

Guysssssssssss!! KBShimmer has done creams! I hope you are as excited about this as I am! I've never been disappointed in a KBShimmer polish yet and these are just absolutely awesome. I'll get on with the photos though and stop blabbing. Formula notes will be at the end.

My Life's Porpoise is a lovely medium gray. It leans a little too blue in this photo; it's more of a neutral gray in person.

Chick Me Out is a bright, cheerful yellow. This polish is a testament to KBShimmer's polish-making abilities: it has none of the formula issues that yellow polishes typically have.

A Touch of Glass is my absolute favorite, a dreamy pale aqua reminiscent of sea glass. I wore this to work for four days with only one minor chip on one nail (my manicures usually last less than a day there). 

Honeydew List is a pale spring green. Not really my shade, but a great polish nonetheless.

Pansy-Monium is an amazing royal purple. This is a fabulous, rich color.

Sky Jinks is a saturated deep sky blue. Think middle of the summer, big fluffy white clouds type of sky blue.

Eclipse is exactly what it looks like, the perfect black polish.

Life Rose On is a raspberry shade of pink with a blue undertone. It's very wearable and flattering.

Now, the formula for all of these polishes is fantastic. The yellow goes on slightly streaky on the first coat, but evens out perfectly for the second. Each of these swatches shows two coats of polish and as you can see, they reach opacity beautifully. I'm only hoping that there are plenty more to come!! These polishes are available now on the KBShimmer website. As always, make sure you like their Facebook page to keep updated with all of their incredible new collections! Stop back here on Wednesday morning to see the glitter part of the Spring 2014 collection!

The products in this post were provided for my honest review. All opinions are my own.


  1. Honeydew List is my favorite. Love that color!

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