Monday, March 31, 2014

Freak Show Polish Swatches/Review

This post should really be titled "Why I'm the Worst Blogger Ever." I've had these polishes to share since NOVEMBER and they somehow never made it up here! I SUCK and I truly apologize for this because these are some fabulous polishes. What I have here is the Christmas Under the Big Top collection and part of the Zodiac collection from Freak Show Polish. It seems fitting to share the Christmas collection even though it's March, since it started snowing outside as I'm writing this. I guess spring isn't quite here yet after all.

Snowflake Covered Presents is a glitter top coat with black, white, turquoise, and magenta hex and circle glitter. This is two coats.

Mister Snowman has a shimmery gray base filled with black, white, yellow, and blue glitter. This needed three coats for what you see here, but you could also layer it over a gray base.

A Very Merry Christmas Tree is one of my favorites, a squishy white base with red, green, and white glitter. This is three coats, but again, you could layer this over white for a more opaque look.

Hot Toddies is a gorgeous deep magenta/berry shimmer with purple and pink glitter. This one only needed two coats for opacity.

Yuletide Cheer is a unique jade polish with an abundant mix of brown, silver, blue, and gold glitter. I used three coats here for maximum opacity and glitter.

Naughty or Nice is a blue and purple based glitter topper. This is two coats.

Pisces is a lovely green and blue based micro glitter topper. This is two coats.

Gemini is a blue based micro glitter topper. It also has purple and black mixed in there. This is two coats.

Aquarius is a mix of red, blue, and silver micro glitter in a clear base. This is two coats over black.

The bad news is that the Christmas Under the Big Top collection doesn't appear to be available anymore. The good news is that the formula was great on all these polish, so I'm sure you couldn't go wrong with any of the currently stocked ones! You can check them out on the Freak Show Polish online store and give their Facebook page a visit too while you're at it! ;) 

The products in this post were provided for my honest review. All opinions are my own. 


  1. Which nail polish are you wearing under Snowflake Covered Presents? It's the kind of colour I'm obsessed with at the moment!

  2. Good news! I just went on her online shop and saw this collection available :)

  3. Nice shades! Never heard of this brand so thanks for introducing it to us :)

  4. Pisces is my fave! Fun collection!


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