Friday, November 1, 2013

KBShimmer Winter 2013 Collection Review/Swatches

Hello again! I didn't want to wait to show you the KBShimmer Winter 2013 collection, so here they are! These are available today at just like the Blogger 2013 collection. :) (Note: the swatches of the multi-chromes show three coats on the ring and index nail and one coat over black on the pinky and middle nails). Each swatch was topped with a coat of KBShimmer Clearly on Top top coat.

All Elf'd Up is so amazing! This white base is filled with red, green, and white glitter in a variety of sizes and shapes. This is three coats for full opacity and maximum glitter payoff. I love this one so much!

Kringle All the Way is the Toys for Tots Charity Polish for 2013 and is an incredible glitter topper consisting of red, green, gold, and glitter round glitter and silver microglitter. This is two coats layered over Zoya Hunter.

Snow Flaking Way is a purpley indigo jelly base with purple and light blue glitter and holographic snowflake glitter. I had a harder time getting the glitter out of this one than I did with Snow Much Fun, but I still managed to get two out. This is three coats. I didn't think I'd like this one because it's a jelly, but it's just stunning.

When the Doves Sigh is a mix of magenta, turquoise, and royal blue glitter in a medium gray base. There's a little bit of everything in this one: squares, circles, mini bar glitter, hexes, and micro glitter. Love, love, love. This is two coats.

Shade Shifter is a multi-chrome polishes that flashes between cyan, purple, and red orange depending on the light.

Pigment of My Imagination is a multi-chrome polish that shifts between blue, purple, and red depending on the light.

Urban Camo is a multi-chrome polish that shifts between pale green, pink, and bright green.

Rollin' With the Chromies is similar in shift to Shade Shifter, but has a brilliant holographic effect as well! Love the name of this one!

 Pretty in Punk is similar in shift to Urban Camo, but has a holographic finish as well.

Myth You Lots is similar in shift to Pigment of My Imagination, but with a holographic finish as well. These multi-chromes are so stunning in person!

Maybe Navy is a stunning, super shimmery navy blue. It's so gorgeous!

Now that you've seen the swatches, head over to or for international orders,, to pick some up for yourselves! Which ones will you be buying?

The products in this post were provided for my honest review.


  1. Gorgeous swatches! Thank you!
    But I must say, of all 22 new polishes Will Yule Marry Me is my favourite :) And thank you for sharing the story that inspired its name and look :)

  2. Sheesh. They're already sold out!! Unless they haven't gone on sale yet? But it's 9am (Nov 1st). I hope they restock soon, I love all of these and you do the best swatches!!

    1. Oops, sorry, I was wrong! Not sold out, they just hadn't released them for sale! (GOOD NEWS, I bought so many. My wallet...)

  3. Gorgeous swatches! I was on the fence about When the Doves Sigh from the bottle shots, but I definitely want it now!

  4. These look fabulous! I actually like Snow Freaking Way a lot! I'm kinda sad I didn't order it now. :D Thanks for sharing!

  5. Ooh wow! The first four are outstanding. I feel like I want to see all of the duochromes and holos in person, but they all look great over black!! =)

  6. stop! they're too pretty! i can't take it!


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