Wednesday, November 6, 2013

China Glaze Autumn Nights Collection Review/Swatches

Good morning everyone! I'm so excited that the holiday season is officially upon us (yes, in my world the holiday season starts right after Halloween). The stretch from Thanksgiving to Christmas is my very favorite time of year and it will be here before we know it! I'm a little late with this fall collection, Autumn Nights from China Glaze, but these colors fit perfectly with this time of year, so it works!

Tongue & Chic is a stunning shimmery teal. Absolutely fantastic formula; this is two coats.

Queen B is a blue/purple creme shade. Cremes are one of my very favorite finishes and this one is just great. The formula was awesome. I did two coats but easily could have gotten away with one.

Gossip Over Gimlets is a shade of silver that is a bit darker than we typically see. Very shimmery and reflective. This is two coats.

Rendezvous With You. Sweet Jesus. Are there even words? Absolutely amazingly stunning faded purple shade with insane shimmer. Two coats. 

Kiss My Glass is a frosty shade of blue-leaning gray. This is two coats. I'd be perfectly happy if this finish was never made again. >.<

Strike Up a Cosmo is a shimmery warm rose metallic. This is two coats, great formula as per usual.

Public Relations is another frosty shade, this time lavender-leaning gray. Two coats here, watch out for brushstrokes!

Goldie But Goodie is a warm golden metallic shimmer. This is two coats.

Charmed, I'm Sure is a deep purple creme. Another one with a fantastic formula, this could have easily been one coat but I use two out of habit.

Red-y & Willing is a beautiful shimmery glowing red shade. A red that I actually love! Perhaps because it's the only red in this collection. China Glaze knows what's up!! This is two coats.

Scandalous Shenanigans is another glowy shade, this time in a shade of sapphire blue. Perfect in two coats.

Don't Make Me Wine is a glowing, shimmering shade of deep magenta. Again, absolutely perfect in two coats.

The Autumn Nights collection is available now wherever China Glaze is sold. I haven't been impressed too much this season, but this collection definitely hit the ball out of the park. My top three (and this was hard to do!) are: Rendezvous With You, Tongue & Chic, and Red-y & Willing. Have you picked any of these up or do you plan on it? Which is your favorite?

The products in this post were provided for my honest review.


  1. Amazing swatches and the Autumn Nights collection is the most stunning :)

  2. I agree...this is one of my favorite collections of the year for sure! Beautiful swatches!

  3. only just followed your blog a few days back, so not sure if it's YOUR AMAZING SWATCHING ABILITY or if this is just an amazeballs collection but golly i want almost all of them!!!!!!!!

  4. Red-y and Willing and Tongue & Chic are my favorites! Both are so rich and saturated and beautiful and perfect for fall/winter!

  5. Your swatches look great I just wish there were more cremes in this collection

  6. Beautiful swatches! This collection is great!

  7. these swatches are making me want the majority of this collection!

  8. Your swatches are BEAUTIFUL! I didn't even want these but you make me want all of these polishes! And I agree with frost. Why do companies keep making those...

  9. Flawless swatches! Tongue & Chic is my favourite, such a gorgeous shade <3


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