Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Halloween Skittle-Style Nail Art

I asked on Facebook what kind of nail art people were interested in seeing and the answers revolved mostly around Halloween, particularly a design that is Halloween-y without being gross or scary. I also got a request for skittle nails, so I meshed everything together and came up with this!

The colors used in this design are Zoya Monica, Arizona, and Tracie, as well as a plain black polish. For the pinky nail, I painted on Monica and then sponged the other colors over it. I watermarbled using all four colors on the ring nail. On the middle nail, I painted Arizona and then used a thin brush to create lines of the other colors in an ascending pattern across the nail. The index nail was painted with Tracie and dotted with all of the other colors. I hope this satisfies those nail art requests! ;)


  1. This is stunning, especially the watermarbled nail :)

  2. Love the marbled nail especially! so pretty

  3. very much cool! I too made today manicure for helloween, tomorrow I will lay out a post in the blog) you come look - I will be glad to your opinion

  4. So cool nail art! I wish I had patience to make something so beautiful!


  5. Love love love these nail art skittles! :D

  6. Love the skillettle! And the colours definitely says Halloween! :)


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