Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Zoya Cashmere Collection Swatches/Review

Now that the weather is starting to cool down, it's finally time for me to break out my fall polish! Zoya never disappoints me with their creme collections and the Cashmere collection is no exception. Let's get to it!

Flynn is a camel brown shade that needed three coats. I like the shade but unfortunately don't like it very much with my skin tone.

Louise is a warm dark chocolate brown shade. I don't think I have any shades like this in my collection and I'm happy to have it! Two coats here.

Hunter is the perfect shade of hunter green. This is two coats.

Sailor is a great shade of navy blue with the slightest purple tinge to it. I used two coats here.

Pepper is a warm shade of red with a hint of brown. This is different than any other red I have and I really like it. Two coats.

Livingston is red. I'm really tired of all the reds that seem to have been released this season. At least Pepper is slightly more interesting! I would have loved to see a purple or anything else really than other red. This is two coats.

The Cashmere collection is on sale at www.zoya.com now and each polish retails for $8. Do you plan on picking any of these up? My favs are Hunter and Sailor!

Products in this post were provided for my honest review.


  1. I agree about the reds. How many new ones do you need?

  2. I completely agree about the reds. It's boring!

  3. Totally feel you on the reds, there are just way too many this year :)

  4. It's a solid Fall set of cremes, but I am totally in agreement on red. Ho-hum.

  5. I need Louise. I saw Flynn but like you, it does nothing for my skin tone. But Louise, well now that is stunning on you and I know it will look great on me. It's a pretty brown and I don't have anything that same shade.


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