Sunday, June 9, 2013

Sephora Disney Jasmine Storylook Palette Review/Swatches

This is it, the crown jewel from the Jasmine Collection from Sephora! This palette has fifteen different eyeshadows, as well as a blush and a bronzer. And the packaging? Do you even need to ask? It's amazing!

The shadows are all housed in a pull out "drawer" that fits inside the outer casing. The swatches below are all over an eyeshadow primer.

Top row (L to R): Blue Oasis, Trust Me, Abu, Ali Ababwa, Sultana
Bottom row (L to R): Friend Like Me, Master, Cosmic, Cave of Wonders, Sand in the Glass

Top row (L to R): Lapis, Mystical Wonder, Rajah, Arabian Sunset, Bazaar
Bottom row (L to R): Thrilling Chase, Golden Sands

For the most part, the shadows all have pretty good formulas. Blue Oasis, Ali Ababwa, Friend Like Me, and Cave of Wonders were the ones that were chalkiest and that I had the most issue getting good color payoff with. Anything with shimmer applied fantastic and Rajah and Arabian Sunset are my favs!

Like the Jasmine compact mirror, this palette sold out very quickly, but can still be found on sites such as eBay and Amazon. What shade stands out most to you?

The products in this post were provided for my honest review. 


  1. This palette is so pretty! I can't get over how pigmented the orange is!

  2. I love the deepness of the shades in this palette! I think Mystical Wonder if my favorite because I think it would make green eyes pop.

  3. I wanted this but decided not to! Regret it big time! It's so gorg!

  4. Wow, the whole package is pretty cute. Love the packaging and the colours of the palette.

  5. I liked this palette, but it doesn't have enough colors I would actually wear. Great review!

  6. I absolutely love Princess Jasmine! I wish these products were in my budget because I would have loved to get some.

  7. I need to get this! My favourite princess is Jasmine (might be because we share a name though haha) and sadly because I don't live in the US, I missed out! Although I'll be checking eBay to see if I can find a good seller!
    Gorgeous swatches! xx


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