Wednesday, April 3, 2013

China Glaze Hologlam Collection Swatches/Review

Good morning! I have my review and swatches of the China Glaze Hologlam collection for you all today. I'm going to show you the swatches first and then I'll voice my thoughts at the end of the post. Enjoy!

Don't Be a Luna-tic is a soft sea foam green holo. It needed three coats for opacity.

Infra-Red is a warm, bright magenta that needed two coats for opacity.

Astro-Hot is a light, baby pink holo that needed three coats for opacity.

Get Outta My Space is a pastel lavender. Three coats shown here.

OMG A UFO is a warm shade of mossy green. Two coats were sufficient here.

Galactic Gray is a dark gunmetal gray and one of my favorites of the bunch. Two coats here.

Cosmic Dust is a silvery holo. I used three coats here.

When Stars Collide is an awesome deep warm purple. I've never seen a purple holo like this and I really love it! Needed two coats.

Strap On Your Moonboots is a navy, midnight blue shade. Two coats.

Take a Trek is a cool blue shade, seems to border on turquoise/teal. This is two coats.

Not in This Galaxy is a lovely, warm coral. Needed three coats.

Sci-Fly By is a light, silvery shade of blue. It needed three coats to be opaque.

This was a collection that a LOT of people were excited about. Unfortunately, there's been many mixed reviews and feelings since it was released. I think people were expecting these to be much more holographic, so when you receive them and put them on it, it's honestly kind of a disappointment. It's really a shame since there are other brands who have released insanely holographic polishes lately.

However, even though the holo effect is not very strong here, I still think these are very pretty shades. They border on chrome-like at some times and holographic in very strong light. Galactic Gray and When Stars Collide are my top picks! This collection is available right now in stores like Sally Beauty and Ulta and online.

 The products in this post were provided by China Glaze for my honest review.


  1. I love your swatches!! :D Not the most holographic polishes I've seen but there still very pretty :)

  2. I just picked up Strap On Your Moonboots and your swatch makes me excited to try it! I like the subtle holo.

  3. I only like OMG a UFO and Galactic gray :(
    I love your swatches since I base my pics on them mostly :)

  4. Galactic Gray and When Stars Collide are the only ones I really want, and maybe Strap On Your Moonboots too.

  5. These look more metallic than holographic. Aside from that, there are several that made my wish list as I love a pretty polish. OMG A UFO and Galactic Gray are coming home with me as soon as they hit the shelves. I like Strap On Your Moonboots and When Stars Collide as well.

  6. Some stunning colours here, I think the grey and the silver are my favourites :)

  7. I think they're stunning! I don't always need a BOOM IN YOUR FACE holographic polish and for those moments this collection is great!

  8. Great swatches! My favourite is Infra-Red (: But I agree, these are more metallic than holo :/

  9. I agree with you, even if the holo isn't that strong, the shades and colors are gorgeous nonetheless :) My favorites are Infra-Red and When stars collide. Beautiful swatches!

  10. Lovely swatches! There area a few stand outs that are unique but a few misses that have been done before. I might pick up one or two with such a high price tag.


  11. I would love to see how you photograph your nails. They are so flawless!

  12. Green color looks awesome... :)


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