Thursday, March 7, 2013

Milani New Mascara & Eye Liner Releases for 2013: Review

Good morning! I have a couple of new eye products from Milani to review for you guys today. First is the Grandissimo Lashes mascara, which is a new voluminous mascara.

These are my bare lashes on the left and wearing the Grandissimo mascara on the right. I'm very impressed with this mascara! It applies very evenly and doesn't clump or smudge.
I also received some eye liners to try out as well. The four swatches on the left are the Liquid Eye Liquid-Like eye liners (here and here) and the two are the right are of the Eye Tech Bold liner. The Liquid-Like liners are sooooo smooth and creamy! From left to right the colors are: Perfect Purple, Brown, Graphite, and Black. The Eye Tech liner is a little too thick for my liking, but it works pretty well. You need at least two swipes to get a solid black line, but if you like your liner thick, this will surely be a great product for you.

These new products are available online on Milani's website and in drugstores nation wide. Are there any of these that you are thinking of picking up? The Liquid-Like liners will sure be getting a lot of use from me!

Products provided for review


  1. Honestly, I don't see any bigger improvement that any other mascara would give to your lashes, they're only more black and a little longer... Not an "incredible" mascara, for sure.

    1. Everyone looks for something different in a mascara. I prefer my mascara to make my lashes look just like this; I don't like it when they are long and fake looking. So for me, I think this is pretty great for a drugstore mascara.

    2. I think results are a huge improvement!

  2. Love the mascara on you. I want to try this one for sure!

  3. This is exactly how I like my Mascara.
    Not like I'm a showgirl on the Vegas strip! :-)

  4. great mascara! like the brush

  5. I have short, sparse lashes & this mascara is AMAZING! Plus the fact that its in most drug stores/easy to find, is a bonus. Way to go Milani!


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