Friday, February 22, 2013

Some Random KBShimmer Swatches/Review

Happy Friday all! I've got a couple of random KBShimmer swatches for you guys today, starting with Clown Puke, a glitter top coat with very carnival-like colors. I layered one coat here over Rescue Beauty Lounge Coral.

Berry Patch is a lovely, creamy light purple/pink with magenta, purple, and silver glitter. This is three coats of it by itself.

Lilac Dreams is a beautiful purple polish that shift colors depending on the light. This is three coats of it alone, but I bet this one would look amazing over a dark purple.

Band Geek is the last shade I have for today and it's probably one of the most unique. It has gold, silver, and copper glitter suspended in a deep brown jelly base. This is three coats.

KBShimmer polishes retail for $8.75 and can be purchased on the KBShimmer website. Do yourself a favor and go buy one or two! ;)

Products provided for review


  1. LOVE clown puke over the bright pink :) lovely lovely swatches, thanks so much :)

  2. Ooh berry patch is very pretty!

  3. Love them all, especially Clown Puke, so many colours! Love the last one too, very pretty x

  4. Berry Patch is so pretty! I think I'm going to need that one.

  5. Band Geek is one of my all time favs, love it. Looks great on you :-)

  6. All nail polish are beautiful, but I really liked Berry Patch. It have a beautiful color and glitter.

  7. Gorgeous polishes, especially the first one.


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