Thursday, December 13, 2012

Mohda Multichrome Swatches/Review

Hello everybody! I have some beautiful multichrome polishes to show you today from Mohda. I have five shades to show you today, all swatches are two coats of the Mohda polish over black. These shades shift color much more than my photos show, but it's rather difficult to capture.

Polo Norte is a mainly green/yellow color shifting polish.

 Vento Solar is a fabulous royal blue shifter.

 Austral is the typical oil-slick type of multichrome, based mainly on a gorgeous purple shade.

 Iceberg is my favorite of the five, a beautiful ice blue shifting polish.

Polo Sul is a pinkish purple to yellow shifter.

Mohda Multichrome polishes retail for $7 and can be purchased from Harlow & Co. What do you think of them?

Products provided for review.


  1. Oh gosh, I own Polo Sul and Iceberg and now I totally want Polo Norte and Vento Solar!!!!!

  2. Wow! They are super pretty. Especially Vento Solar is amazing!

  3. Those are amazing. Complete awesomeness!!!

  4. These are pretty!
    I just don't get it, why did they have to make the design and label on the bottle just like Sally Hansen's HD..?

  5. These have been on my wish list for ages now! They're Brazilian and I live in Brazil, though ironically they aren't sold in the area I live in! Grrr!

  6. Wow, I don't usually like chromes at all, but Iceberg is amazing.

  7. that green is beautiful, Pantone selected the color emerald for next year so this is it for me for the price!!!


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