Friday, November 16, 2012

Pretty & Polished Mathematical Collection Swatches/Review

Hi there! I have something very exciting lined up for today! The polishes that I will be showing you today are from a surprise collection from Pretty & Polished. The collection is called Mathematical and it is inspired by the show Adventure Time! Ready?

I'm Not a Banana! is a yellow jelly with black and white glitter that represents Jake the Dog. I used three coats for opacity and had no issues getting the glitter out of the bottle.

The Young Hero is inspired by Finn the Human. This gorgeous white polish is packed with yellow, blue, and green glitter, as well as really cool semi-sheer blue and green squares. This is one of my favorites!

My Lumps is a purple jelly with purple and yellow/gold flakies. My Lumps is named for LSP (Lumpy Space Princess). This one gave me a bit of trouble, as the flakes wanted to get stuck together with each coat instead of spreading out nicely. I did three coats here, but I'd probably layer this one over a purple base in the future.

Peebles is another one of my favorites. This is a jelly pink base filled with pink micro glitter and pink and gold hex glitter. This one is inspired by Princess Bubblegum and needed three coats.

Yet another one of my favs is King of C-C-Cool, named after the Ice King. This beautiful light blue polish is filled with blue and yellow hexes, red micro glitter, and occasional white diamonds. Two coats were sufficient here.

BMO Me Up! is named for BMO and is a stunning gunmetal/charcoal grey shimmer. This shade seems like it would fit in perfectly with shades like Zoya FeiFei and OPI The World is Not Enough. Two coats here.

Vampire Sing-a-Long is a glitter topcoat that was inspired by Marceline. I have two coats layered over Zoya Kristen. I love the micro bar glitter in this one!

Rainy Day Lady is another glitter topcoat, but this one was inspired by Rainicorn. This polish has a lot going on, so to keep it simple, I layered two coats over plain white.

I love these polishes and I think they are a fabulous representation of Adventure Time! The Mathematical collection will be available for purchase during the week of Thanksgiving and will be available in Pretty & Polished's new printed bottles! Are you familiar with the show? Will you be purchasing any of these when they come out?

*Products in this post were provided for my honest review.*


  1. Ohhhh I wouldnt mind having those first two colours :p

  2. I`ll take yellow, lilac and blue ones :) Great review! The last one is very similar to Happy Birthday Deborah Lippmann

    1. not really. Dl's polish doesn't have the same colours, nor shapes of glitter. they're really quite different

  3. I like them because I love math! Especially the yellow one, looks mathematical to me : )

  4. Aww this show is so cute! Great swatches of a great collection!

  5. That yellow is freakin awesome girl. Love love love it

  6. Pebbles is they best! I think I also need King of C-C-Cool and The Young Hero. Beautiful swatches!

  7. I not banana looks really awesome~!! catchy and pretty

  8. these all look GREAT!! i really want to pick up all of them :D

  9. This is such a great collection!!! My picks are The Young Hero and King of C-C-Cool :)

  10. I would buy 3 of them. The others are not really exciting me:/

  11. Peebles and I'm Not A Banana are my must-haves, and I'm strongly considering King of C-C-Cool just because I love the Ice King. Also, love the theme! <3 If only there was a Gunther polish...

  12. where can I buy them?


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