Thursday, November 1, 2012

Monthly Favorites: October!

Can you believe that it's November already!? October absolutely flew by for me!

Nail art was HUGE for me this month and I really enjoyed getting back into it. I had a blast creating all the nail art that I used for my new blog header (look up!^^^) and this zombie design was really fun to make as well. I have some neat stuff planned for sometime in November too, so stay tuned! :)

I am in LOVE with these cuticle oils from 365 Days of Color! I bought the sampler of the cuticle oils and the miracle balms and they are both amazing. There are so many scents to choose from and they are lovely and not fake or overpowering at all. I would definitely recommend picking some of these up!!

I did a lot of a experimenting (for me) with my hair this month. I FINALLY taught myself how to french braid my own hair. I think this is actually considered a dutch braid since the hair goes under itself instead of over, but you get what I mean. My layers mess the braid up quite a bit at the end, but it works well enough to sleep on and get wavy hair in the morning.

Speaking of wavy hair, I taught myself how to curl my hair with my flat iron! It took a while to get it down and they didn't last very long, but I plan on prepping better next time and hopefully it'll work out.

I finally started cooking some actual meals this month and am SO EXCITED about it. Everything I've made so far has been totally delicious and pretty easy. The photo on the left below is of mini pumpkin pie crescent rolls and on the right is honey sesame chicken over rice. I made the chicken in the Crock Pot and it turned out awesome!

What were you excited about in October?


  1. Mmm the honey sesame chicken looks delish! I love these kinds of posts :)

  2. I was excited that I stopped using chemicals in my hair and that it looks better now :) Also that I started making x-mas gifts early this year since I want to make a lot of fun things for my family :)
    Your hair looks great! I was so excited when I first learned to french and dutch braid my own hair. Braids are the best, so many possibilities :)

  3. What I was most happy with in Oct was finally on the last week of the month we broke out of the blast-furnace very late summer heat we were killed with. Normally we get it in Sept but it was killer in my cottage that is on the beach and is not built for heat nor the freezing cold that comes in winter - somehow I can deal with the cold better - but so not the 110 degrees inside. After that, well it was Halloween for me which was my b'day - I passed by another big one that ends in 0

  4. Ooo, I love your hair! I'm most happy about all the pumpkin-flavored things in October! :-) Speaking of which, your pumpkin rolls look delish!! :-)

  5. Lovely nails for halloween and I love how you did your hair.


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