Wednesday, November 14, 2012

GlitterDaze A Charmed Halloween Collection Review/Swatches

Hello everyone! I'm so sorry for missing posts on Friday and this past Monday! What was supposed to be a simple software upgrade for my MacBook turned into an almost week-long hassle and ended with me having to get the hard drive replaced. All is well now though and they were able to recover all my data so I didn't lose any swatches! Today I will be showing you GlitterDaze's A Charmed Halloween collection (as well as the Goddess collection in a second post shortly after this one). Enjoy! :)

Vanquishing Demons looks red in the bottle, but ends up being a lovely bright pink jelly on the nail with black shard glitter. I got pretty good opacity at three coats.

Source of All Evil is a festive Halloween mix of glitter in a black jelly base. I did three coats here as well but would probably recommend layering this one over black if you aren't a fan of the jelly look.

My White Lighter is a mix of differently sized turquoise glitter in a milky white base and my favorite of the collection. I layered two coats of it here over an opaque white base.

Power of Three is a mix of iridescent glitter that is meant to be layered, so I wore two coats of it over Essie Skirting the Issue (I think!).

The Charmed Ones is a very pretty mixture of purple and blue glitter in a greyed-out jelly base. I used three coats here but once again, I would probably recommend layering this one over an opaque grey base.

Book of Shadows is a coppery brown polish with gold shimmer and gold/copper glitter. Three coats here were all I needed for opacity.

Overall, I think these are some really unique and pretty shades in this collection and would definitely recommend picking up at least My White Lighter! To get more information about GlitterDaze nail polish, please visit the GlitterDaze blog and Facebook page. Polishes can be purchased at and when you make an account there, you will earn reward points for every polish that you purchase! So tell me, which is your favorite GlitterDaze polish?

*Products in this post were provided for my honest review.*


  1. that first polish is so so pretty <3

  2. I think The Charmed Ones would be great over grey! I really like My White Lighter too.

  3. I don't like the first one but the rest looks great.

  4. Woow there all so pretty :)


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