Tuesday, November 6, 2012

blinc Mascara AMPLIFIED Review/Photos

Hey guys! I have a review of my new favorite mascara, blinc Mascara AMPLIFIED, for you today! :) If you aren't familiar with the brand blinc, let me enlighten you. They create awesome products like "tubing" mascara that forms tiny tubes around each individual lash and is totally waterproof, yet easy to remove.

Mascara AMPLIFIED is blinc's newest mascara and the brand's first volumizing mascara. The mascara's packaging is incredibly sleek and minimalist and I am a huge fan of it. The wand is also fantastic; it's thick and has a lot of bristles, so it really grabs and tubes every single lash.

This first image is of my eye with absolutely no make up on and the second is just wearing blinc Mascara AMPLIFIED. I have an issue curling my lashes, so they are not the nicest looking ones, but as you can see, the mascara gives me a great your-lashes-but-better look. Perhaps this is the reason I've worn it almost every day since I first tried it out!

Removal may be the best part of blinc mascara, though. And not in a bad way! Don't you hate using make up remover around your eyes and have to basically scrub your mascara off? That's not how blinc works. All you need to do is wet your fingers with some warm water and softly squeeze and pull the tubes off. You'll actually see the little tubes on your fingers as you pull them off; it's really neat! blinc Mascara AMPLIFIED is available for pre-order now and should be shipping in early November, so any time now! You can view the product and pre-order on the blinc website. Have you ever tried blinc mascara? What did you think?

*Product in this post was provided for my honest review.*


  1. That looks good! Thnx for the great review

  2. I have been using Kiss Me Mascara (now called Blinc)for over 25 years! My favourite mascara of all times! LOVE the way it removes easily at night so no racoon eyes in the morning and also never runs or smears in the day! So much healthier for my lashes then any traditional mascara.


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