Friday, October 19, 2012

Pixi Swatches/Review/Photos

Hey guys! I got an awesome package from Pixi full of beauty products to review and share with you, so please prepare for a decently long post. :) The first product I'm going to show you is called the Tinted Brilliance Balm and the shade I received was Baby Bare, a peach/pink.

The Tinted Brilliance Balm is really neat because it works with the pH of your lips and it will appear slightly difference on everyone! I really loved the texture of the balm and how the color looked on me. It has a really great smell as well! These twist-up balms retail for $16.

I also received the double-ended Lip & Line Primer, which has a clear lip liner on one end and a lip primer on the other. This has been one of my favorite products that I got from Pixi. I don't own any lip liners other than this, but the beauty of this one is that you can use it for any color at all.

The primer works just as well as the lip liner does. These two lip products have helped me become much more comfortable wearing lip sticks and colored lip glosses. Pixi also make colored Lip & Line duos. Both the colored and the primer sticks retail for $18.

Flawless & Poreless is a pore-eliminating primer that I absolutely love. I put quite a bit on my hand and rubbed it in so you can see what it looks like on the skin. It looks like it has a very, very slight shimmer/pearly finish to it, but this is very flattering on your face. I actually end up wearing just this primer some days! The Flawless & Poreless primer retails at $29 for a 30mL tube.

This next product is really fun. The Bronze Bloom Trio is an over-sized (and I mean HUGE) blush/bronzer trio. I'm so psyched to have this "compact;" not only are the powders great, but the mirror inside is huge and a lifesaver to have around!

These are swatches of the powders on the inside of my wrist, no primer. Corresponding with the first photo of the palette, the largest section is swatched on the far left, followed by the small bottom section (that says Pixi) in the middle and the top blush on the right. The Bronze Bloom Trio retails for $28.

These are the first Pixi products that I've ever tried and I have to tell you, I'm totally blown away by this brand. I loved every single product that I tried and I've incorporated almost all of them into my daily beauty routine. You can check out all of Pixi's fabulous products on their website: Do you own any Pixi products? What do I need to pick up next?

*Products in this post were provided for my honest review.*


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