Monday, October 1, 2012

Monthly Favorites: September!

I was asked to take part in the Milani Fall Nail Trends project this month and it was so much fun coming up with designs for them! The first photo is of the "Haute Rod" design I did and loved. It was so fierce and totally not something I would typically wear, but I can't wait to do this mani again and wear it out! The second is Tess D'Urberville from A England. All of the polishes in the Gothic Beauties collection are stunning, but Tess D'Urberville was definitely my favorite.

When I found out that the limited edition Alice in Wonderland EOS lip balms has Mickey Mouse heads on the back of them, I knew that I needed to own them. Luckily, my Target is awesome and had two left in stock when I went to look for them!

The highlight of my blogging life in September was being asked by Cristina at Let Them Have Polish to do a guest post on her blog! After fangirling out for a little bit, I said absolutely yes and started brainstorming an awesome idea for her. I can't show you the mani since she hasn't posted it just yet, but I did take a photo when I was preparing to do it! Make sure you check over on her blog in a couple of days to see the finished mani! (Pssst: it's really awesome! ;P)

It finally got cold enough that I could break out my sweaters and boots! Also, this photo shows the new jeggings I got recently from American Eagle. They are perfect for wearing with boots and I'm so happy I finally caved and bought a pair. My sweater is from Gap, scarf is from American Eagle (I think), and boots are from Target.

My boyfriend and I moved out of our parents' houses in the beginning of the month! We are having a great time and are really enjoying being on our own. The first photo here is of a celebration gift from my mom and the second photo is a view from our fire pit by the lake. I put a filter on it with a photo editing app so that it matched with my pink iPhone case. :P It's so gorgeous down there!

September was a great month, but I'm really excited to see what October has in store! How was your month?


  1. LOVE your favorites!! And I'm DYING to see your post on LTHP! <3

  2. Love your picks!!! And congrats on moving into your own place, how exciting!

  3. Wonderful! & congrats on getting your own place! I've been married for 4 years (as of tomorrow!) & still rejoice that we live on our own!


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