Saturday, October 13, 2012

Butter London Autumn/Winter 2012 Polish & Lippy Swatches & Review

Hey everybody! Today I have some swatches of a few of the new Butter London polish/Lippy sets for Autumn/Winter '12. I put the polishes and lip glosses next to each other so you can see what they look like together. The Lippys (Lippies? I don't know..) have a slanted doe foot applicator that makes them really easy to apply. The color is also very rich and pigmented on all of them and they are decently comfortable to wear, although slightly sticky.

The first set here is Come to Bed Red. The polish is a rich, bright, siren red that is going to get attention without a doubt. It had a great formula as well, needing only two easy coats. Not going to lie, I was nervous about the Lippy. However, once I started applying it, I realized it wasn't as scary as I thought! It was really easy to get nice, clean lines with it and I'm actually really happy with how it looked on me.
The next set is Tea With the Queen, a pink-leaning nude shade. I like the Lippy better than the polish in this case, to be honest. Same formula on the Lippy as mentioned above, but the polish needed three coats instead of two.
Lastly we have La Moss, a deep, dark burgundy shade just in time for the impending fall season. If the Come to Bed Red Lippy scared me, La Moss had me shaking in my boots. This is a BOLD color and I'm not sure that I could pull it off outside of swatching it, but it's neat to have it in my stash in case I'm ever feeling really brave. The polish is fabulous though, needing three coats but applying like a dream. I went pretty easy on the Lippy since it was so dark and actually really liked it.
These nail polishes and Lippys can be purchased through Butter London's website or in stores such as Ulta. The sets retail for $25 on Ulta's website I believe, whereas the Lippys themselves are $17 and the polishes are $14. What are your thoughts? Do you rock bold lips?


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