Friday, September 21, 2012

Kawaii Nail Lacquer Harry Potter Collection Swatches

Happy Friday everyone! Today I have some awesome Harry Potter nail polishes to show you from Kawaii Nail Lacquer! The first one is Hufflepuff, a mix of yellow and black glitters in a clear base. I layered two coats of Hufflepuff over China Glaze Lighthouse.

Ravenclaw is my favorite of the bunch, a mix of navy blue and copper glitter; I layered it over Zoya Natty. I think my bottle leaked a little in transit, and that's why there's an imprint of bubble wrap on it. :P

Slytherin is a mix of emerald green and silver glitter and while it's a perfect match for Slytherin house, it also would be fabulous for St. Patty's Day! I layered Slytherin over Zoya Ray.

And lastly is Gryffindor, a fiery mixture of red and gold glitter. I have it here over Zoya Elisa.

These polishes were a little different from typical glitters in that I had to use a "dabbing" method instead of regular brush strokes. The dabbing works really well though and I was able to get great coverage in two coats. Kawaii has a bunch of awesome glitter polishes in her shop, including Halloween and Avengers-themed polish. You can visit the Etsy shop and like Kawaii on Facebook!

*Products in this post were provided for my honest review.*


  1. These are beautiful swatches! I just got this collection delivered and I can't wait to try them out! :)

  2. I love them all. I am a die hard HP fan, I must get these :)


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