Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Guest Post: A Makeup Brush Lesson from Beyond Beauty Lounge!

Please join me in welcoming Mercedes from Beyond Beauty Lounge as our guest blogger today! She will be giving us a great introduction to the world of makeup brushes that I hope you will enjoy! 

Hey dolls, so first off I have to thank Chelsea for the opportunity to write a guest post on her blog. As you know from following her, Chelsea has starting writing more posts about her venture over to makeup, so I thought a quick introduction to some basic makeup brushes would be suitable. Not everyone wears foundation so I thought more of you could benefit from post about eyeshadow brushes, so here we go.

There are many choices in brushes from high end to low end and everything in between.  Not to mention all the different shapes it’s all just so much, right?  You may look at all the varieties and just think are all these really necessary? The quick answer for most people is no. So today we are going to focus on five basic eye brushes from Real Techniques. 

I really like the brushes from Real Techniques, the brushes are very affordable, good quality, and are made from the synthetic fiber taklon, so they are vegan and allergen free.  No joke these are some of softest, fluffiest brushes I have ever used. I have no problem with shedding with these and they wash well. Let’s face it not everyone needs or can afford brushes on the high end, some basic high end brushes are around $60 each, aacccckkkkk. Real Techniques brushes range in price from $6 - $10 for individual brushes with most sets priced around $18 so these are a great value.  The type of brush you use combined with technique can make a huge difference in the overall look or your makeup. My best piece of advice for a beginner is to invest in some brushes, start small if you need to but do yourself a favor and take that sponge applicator thing that comes with your eyeshadow and throw it away. Even if you only buy one eyeshadow brush get rid of the sponge tip applicator, you will thank me later.

This eye brush starter set retails for $17 and is available at Real,  Ulta, and and contains five brushes.

Base Shadow Brush: This is the basic brush to apply color to the lid; 

Deluxe Crease Brush: This brush is for contouring or applying color to the crease of the lid;

Accent Brush: This brush is for detailing, highlighting and smudging. I also use this one to apply color under my lower lashes. It can also double as a concealer brush; 

Eyeliner Brush: This brush is for applying eyeliner and can also be used to soften the harsh line that is present when using pencil eyeliners; 

Brow Brush: This brush is used to fill in eyebrows but can also be used for eyeliner: 

In my opinion the base shadow brush and the deluxe crease brush are must haves. They deposit color nicely and make blending effortless.

Real Techniques brushes are on sale this week at Ulta for buy one get one 50% off + you can use your $3.50 off a $10 purchase coupon so this week is  a great time to snatch these up! That would bring this set down to $14.49: a steal.

What is your go to brush for applying your eyeshadow; do you use a brush, a qtip or maybe even your fingers?


  1. Thank you so much for this post!! I have a set of brushes but now I see I've been using them wrong! Lol. I have always been so confused about which one to use where. Thanks!!

  2. Amazing Post! I also just started using the "right brushes for the right things". I usually just used the small brushes that comes with whatever eye shadow pallets I buy. lol...

  3. I love my MAC brushes. I have smaller lids and I have heard that these brushes are quite large, so I never bought the eye kit. I prefer smaller, precise brushes :) my favourites are mac 239, 219, and 226! I also love the tokidoki brushes from the 24k palette and the blending brush from the pitura set. xD The MAC brushes are expensive, but so worth it. I have been using them for over 5 years and they are still just as good as day one. worth the investment in my opinion :)

    1. I am still building my mac brush collection a few at a time, love the 239 also :)


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