Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Lilacquer The Fifth Element Collection

Hey everybody! Today I have a really cool collection by Lilacquer inspired by the movie The Fifth Element. I tried something a little different for these swatches (two finger swatches and a square crop) but didn't end up loving it so I'll probably stick with my normal swatching. Let's get started, shall we?

Up first is The Diva Plavalaguna, a peacock blue metallic shade.

Leeloo Multipass is a creamy orangesicle shade with some faint light pink shimmer.

Super Green is a stunning lime green metallic.

Zorg Industries is a unique gray metallic with a slight blue/green duochrome flash. The word "stormy" comes to mind with this one.

This is Roo-bee Rhod, a copper-y amber metallic with a slight gold shift.

To Protect Love is my favorite of all these polishes, a soft peachy pink with tons of golden shimmer goodness. LOVE it!

Supreme Being is a light blue than The Diva Plavalaguna, but still gorgeous! I'd describe this as more of an aquamarine blue.

Lastly, here is Fhloston Paradise, a beautiful hot pink metallic. I had a little bit of an issue with this one dragging and that's why my middle nail looks funky. Just let it dry for a couple minutes between coats and you'll be fine!

I used three coats for every swatch above. There were no big formula issues, but just make sure you let your coats dry for a few minutes before applying more polish to prevent dragging. Lilacquer polishes can be purchased on Etsy and you can like the Lilacquer Facebook page to keep updated with new collections and information!

*Product(s) in this post were provided for my honest review.*


  1. I think the Protect love is the best !

  2. The Fifth Element is one of my most favorite movies ever! I will there was a color named after Corbon Dallas :)

  3. I need this collection!! And I agree with Lusty for Lacquer, they need a Korben Dallas polish! I was surprised they didn't have one!!

  4. I absolutely love this collection. The fifth element is one of my favorite movies ever and I think the nail polish did a really awesome job. And I think the two nail swatches work, but I like seeing a full hand better. Its like getting a second opinion. Lol. Thank you for swatching these!

  5. Beautiful collection - really looks like a 'collection', too, with the shimmer theme! I like the other swatches better IMHO ;) Blogging sure is an ever-evolving process!

  6. I'm loving a lot of these! They're gorgeous and really unique.

  7. Love it. And here I though that I was the only left dorko loving the Fith Element

  8. Great, now I need Leelu Multipass and To Protect Love!

  9. I cannot explain why I, too, am among those who love the Fifth Element. And now I love this polish collection. How's the wear time on these lovelies? I can't justify a purchase of polish that won't give me at least a couple of days, which saddens me greatly on occasion. Are these tough ladies, like Leeloo?


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