Friday, August 17, 2012

Darling Diva Polish 13th Colony, Resurrection, & Angel of God

Do you guys know how much I flipped out when I found out that Darling Diva Polish had created a collection of nail polish based on my favorite show in the history of television, Battlestar Galactica? She kindly agreed to send me a couple to review and I have three here to show you today (and one on the way that I ordered and you will see as soon as I get it!): 13th Colony, Resurrection, and Angel of God.

From Darling Diva Polish, "this is what I imagine the Galactica saw when she rounded Saturn and got her first look at the 13th Colony." 13th Colony is composed of earthly-colored glitter like green, blue, copper, and white. I layered two coats of 13th Colony over Milani Chocolate Sprinkles.

Resurrection is was created to resemble the fluid that cylons are "re-born" into when they are resurrection. I immediately pictured one of the "re-birth" scenes even before I read the description of this polish. Resurrection is composed of iridescent glitter and a shimmery base. This is two coats over Zoya Shelby.

Angel of God is inspired by Caprica Six and it honestly couldn't be more perfect. This one is composed of gold shimmer and different sizes of red glitter. I layered two coats of Angel of God over Zoya Rehka.

I honestly could go on for HOURS about how fabulous these polishes are. I'm so excited to get the other polish I ordered (Chrome Job!) and am seriously considering breaking down and buying the rest of the shades in this collection. If you love BSG and great polish, definitely pick up at least a couple of these! Darling Diva Polish is sold on Etsy, but is currently closed until August 19th. You can also like the Darling Diva Polish Facebook page to keep updated with new polishes.

*Products in this post were provided for my honest review.*



  1. These are beautiful, I especially love Angel of God!

  2. They're all so pretty! My favorites are Colony and Resurrection!

  3. My favorites are Resurrection and 13th Colony! I looove all the different glitters in Colony :)

    It's pathetic when people steal images and blogposts that others have worked hard to put together...

  4. 13th Colony looks amazing!

    Your warning made me giggle...not because of the stealing, but because you were so in your face about it, which is awesome and well deserved.

  5. holy crap that broad is psycho. everything on her blog is plagiarized word for word. at least she didnt crop the watermarks like most losers do. i tried to "report abuse" but i'm not the copyright holder - i tried!

  6. Cute swatches! And I hate people who steal posts.

  7. I was happily admiring your pictures & scrolling infinitely when I went past the warning. Snorted milk out of my nose. Good job :)

  8. Good job calling the thief out like that, she deserves to be put on the spot. Great pictures as usual!

  9. I thought I was imagining things when I saw someone else's nails on that blog, so I'm glad to read this. I've asked the person why she is pretending to receive and review these products, so far I've counted images and words from at least four of my favourite blogs, including this one. Disgraceful.

  10. Beautiful layering combos! Your nails are gorgeous! And what is wrong with some people... SHAMELESS!


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