Friday, August 24, 2012

Butter London Trustafarian, Shag, & Gobsmacked

Hello pretties! I have three shades from the Butter London's upcoming Autumn/Winter 2012 collection to show you today and you guys are going to be thrilled... there are holos!

The first color I have today is Trustafarian, a yellow-green holographic shade. This polish is absolute perfection in a bottle. It's a gorgeous color, it dries super shiny, and it's holographic... how can you top that? You're seeing two coats here.

Shag is a beautiful warm red/brown shimmer. It totally reminds me of fall and crunchy dried leaves on the ground. Two coats here as well with a fantastic formula.

Gobsmacked is an absolutely gorgeous charcoal glitter, but unfortunately had a really terrible formula. It got thick and gloopy really quickly but I'm hoping that this can be remedied with some polish thinner. Two coats here with a thick coat of Seche Vite on top; you might even want to consider using two coats of top coat as well since this is one gritty glitter!

These shades, as well as all the other Butter London shades, can be purchased from a couple different places, including the Butter London website, Ulta (in store and online), and Sephora (in store and online) and retail at $14 each. Which ones are you loving?

*Products in this post were provided for my honest review.*


  1. I'm loving Gobsmacked. Too bad about the formula tho I still think it's worth it ;)

  2. Ive had my eye on Trustafarian, it looks lovely!

  3. Oh that holo looks incredible. So does Gobsmacked, but now I am not sure if it is worth purchasing..

  4. I'm not a huge BL fan-but I keep seeing that Trustafarian and thinking I must have it~

  5. Gobsmacked looks amazing. But honestly...if the thinner doesn't work, is the formula so terrible that you really won't find yourself reaching for it?

    1. I'm sure the thinner will work, but if it didn't, I don't think I'd bother using it.

  6. Trustifarian looks so unique. That's too bad about Gobsmacked, the color is lovely!

  7. Wow I did not expect that from Trustifarian.


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