Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Zoya Gloss Collection

For the next three days, I have the three fall collections from Zoya to share with you. Up first is the Gloss collection, composed of three jelly gloss polishes.

First is Katherine, an eggplant purple jelly shade. Katherine was previously released in the Peter Som box for New York Fashion Week.

This is Paloma, a berry pink jelly shade.

And lastly is Frida, a teal-ish green jelly.

I'm not a huge fan of these. I used three coats for each swatch and they were still kind of patchy and too sheer for my liking. I've been hearing a lot about layering them on top of glitter polishes to make a "jelly sandwich," so maybe they will be good for that.

Found at: www.zoya.com
Price: 0.5 oz bottle, $8.00 (US)

*Product(s) in this post were provided for my honest review.*


  1. yes I also think that layering over glitters would be better!

  2. I HAVE to have Paloma. Shame Zoya don't ship to the UK :(

  3. I do like the purple. Maybe because it's like my name :-).

  4. Jello! They do have an amazing jelly finish.

  5. I love Zoya but I don't think I am a fan of Jelly finishes or these. I wish they were creams instead. Fabulous swatches of them though.

  6. I love the idea of these for layering but haven't enjoyed a single swatch so far - except yours!


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