Thursday, July 26, 2012

Zoya Diva Collection

Today is the final installment of the Fall 2012 Zoya collections, Diva. In my opinion, this collection is definitely the winner of the three. These six shimmery shades are absolutely stunning!

This is Elisa, a gorgeous, festive shimmery red metallic. I don't have very many reds in my collection and this one feels perfect for the winter holidays!

My hands down favorite in the Diva collection, Suri. Suri is the most perfect shade of royal purple with beautiful shimmer. 

Song blew me away when I started applying it. Blue is one of my favorite colors so I knew I'd like it, but I didn't realize that it was so packed with gorgeous shimmer!

Ray is a kind-of frosty dark evergreen with tiny silver shimmer particles. I would have loved this more, but it showed brushstrokes just a bit too much.

FeiFei is really unique, both in name and color. It's a blue-based foily metallic with tons of multi-colored shimmer particles in it that make it super sparkly!

Daul is similar in finish to FeiFei, but it's base is a medium shade of purple with gold shimmer. These last two just simply glow. They are so beautiful.

In typical Zoya fashion, the formula for this collection was fabulous. I used two coats for every color. My top picks here are Suri, Song, and Daul. Don't forget to check out the Gloss and Designer collections as well if you haven't already!

Found at:
Price: 0.5 oz bottle, $8.00 (US)

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  1. The more I see FeiFei the more I need it!

    1. i'm never really into reds but it's a pretty one! And song is also pretty

  2. feifei feifei <3 I need this one!!! On my wishlist, right now ! Otherwise I also love Suri!

  3. Stunning! The first two remind me a lot of the a england polishes!

    Elisa -> Perceval
    Suri -> Avalon

    Any sense if they're dupes?

  4. These are all so gorgeous! Suri, Song, and Feifei are absolutely stunning.

  5. Suri and Fei Fei are to die for! Must purchase those ones!

  6. Song is so gorgeous, I'm a sucker for a blue polish especially a shimmering one ;)

  7. I love FeiFei and Daul.... def my favorites

  8. Your swatches are beautiful!!! I might have to get a few of these!

  9. Oh I do love that Suri~am trying so hard to be on a no buy-but that might be one I cave in to!

  10. Suri and Elisa are both must haves on my list. I am gaga over a great red like Suri is! Like many, I am on a now buy now and yet I think I really have to cave to these 2.

  11. Can I ask how similar FeiFei is to Crystal if you also have that shade to compare?

  12. I simply can't decide to choose only one because I have to have all of them in my stash ;)

  13. You and your swatches make me want everything you post!


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