Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Rescue Beauty Lounge Faraway Nearby

Faraway Nearby is the second (and last) color that I pre-ordered from the Georgia on My Mind collection. It's a beautiful sky blue with very faint green shimmer. I'm kinda of disappointed that the shimmer is so hidden to be honest; it really would be stunning if it stood out like the shimmer in Aqua Lily or Santa Fe Road does. I can't deny though that it is a beautiful color and definitely a shade that Rescue Beauty was missing.

You can see the green shimmer a bit better in the close up shot below. As I mentioned above, I participated in the pre-order for these colors, but I imagine they should be available to purchase for the general public very soon on


  1. A lovely blue, and has gorgeous subtle shimmer to it :) xx

  2. so cute! I loved this blue tone x)

  3. I was drawn to a # of shades in this collection - but did not order because I could tell in swatches released early that the shimmer was going to be too hidden in them. I love RBL - but cannot justify the price point unless it's really going to pay off big time in shades I cannot dupe from the likes of China Glaze and a few others that are far easier for me to get.

  4. I bought all 7 of them in this collection. Have already worn this one, Jack in the Pulpit (another Gorg) and Poppy is on my blog now! I think these colors are so lovely!


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