Saturday, April 7, 2012

EOS Smooth Sphere Lip Balm Review

Hey everybody! Today I have a non-nail-related (but still awesome!) review for you. I am a lip balm freak and I absolutely love cool little lip balms so I was super happy that EOS agreed to send me some to review on my blog. EOS Smooth Spheres are gluten, paraben, petrolatum, and phthalate-free, in addition to being 95% organic and 100% natural. And they're so dang cute!

I received the Honeysuckle Honeydew, Lemon Drop (SPF 15), and Sweet Mint scents to review. All of these scents were awesome! I love anything lemon, so that was an obvious win, but Honeysuckle Honeydew was my surprise favorite. While these lip balms smell awesome, they aren't overly-scented; they have a fairly strong scent when you first apply them, but it fades quickly and isn't overpowering.

These little spheres also have a great consistency. They are so smooth on your lips and they last a long time! Plus, Lemon Drop has an SPF of 15 to protect your lips from the sun.  I also love that they don't come in the typical tube packaging. I've noticed that the spheres really grab people's attention and interest whenever I use them in public. They can, however, be a bit difficult or uncomfortable to fit in your pocket. This isn't an issue for me though because I always carry a purse, so I just toss them in there!

You can buy these Smooth Spheres and other EOS products on their online store, or in stores such as CVS, Walmart, Target, Walgreen's and Rite Aid. They retail for 3.29 and are SO worth it! Do you own any of these already? What are your favorite scents?

*The product(s) in this post were provided by the company for a completely honest review.*


  1. I'd like to try these at some point, they look so cool! XD

  2. I have 7 different ones! I adore them to no end. My favorites are Honeysuckle Honeydew and Strawberry Sorbet :) EOS has awesome customer service too which is always a plus )

  3. Dearest Chelsea,

    I wanted to comment on your most recent post even though this isn't a post about nail polish just so you would see it as soon as possible. I just recently got a pinterest account and came across a picture of some nail art you did, your Zoya beach water marble to be exact. Which I LOVE by the way. Anyways, the reason I'm commenting is because I've been going through your archive for the past two hours. I. LOVE. YOUR. BLOG. I've been doing nail art for about three years now and your blog has been by far the most helpful and highest quality nail blog I've come across. So I just wanted to say thank you for feeding my addiction. Lol. I'm really excited to actually follow a fellow nail enthusiast. Do you have any other nail bloggers you really like that you recommend I follow? And do you have any tips for me for taking pictures of my own nails? I always seem to mess up the lighting. If you'd rather discuss this elsewhere my email is on my profile.

    Thanks so so much for reading this novel and I hope to hear back from you. :) -Liz

    1. Liz, thank you for the novel! I love reading my comments and yours was filled with all kinds of awesome! Firstly, it's so awesome to know that you found my blog and that you love it, and thank you for the compliments. :) If you're interested in great nail art, you definitely need to check out Let Them Have Polish and Emerald Sparkled; they are the two blogs that started my nail polish obsession. As far as photos go, just try to be consistent. You may also want to look into learning how to set your camera's white balance manually if you are having issue with lighting. I buy daylight-balanced light bulbs for the most natural looking light, but you can get decent results with a normal light bulb and your white balance set to the tungsten setting. Hope this helps!! :D

  4. I wonder if they have changed the formula. I bought a honeydew (the green sphere) waaaay back when and have never loved it. A lot of all natural products have a hay-like smell to me. I bought another, but haven't opened it yet. Maybe I will like it better this time.

  5. I just got two of these, summer fruit and tangerine. I like the balm, but I find the application a bit awkward. I guess I'm just so used to the old tube style...

  6. I have lemon drop and the strawberry one, although I have bought every single one for my nieces.
    Even though I like these, they don't work for me. My lips still get chapped :(
    I still use them but I do use an overnight one from another brand to compensate.

  7. I have the mint one, these things last FOREVER, I love them! I've had mine almost a year and it's almost time to replace it just now.

  8. I love the pink one, I think it's berry. I love that they are so easy to find in my hugely oversized handbag. They are the BEST!

  9. While reading this review, the thought of "I wonder where my Summer Fruit lip balm is at" ran through my head. Now I'm sitting here, happily running the little ball of lip balm over my lips :D Great review by the way ^^

  10. I had, and used up, the mint one. I liked it pretty well.

  11. I have the Summer Fruit and I love it:D I was just sitting here, applying it all over my lips and reading. It's almost flat now, ever since I got it around mid-August.


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