Friday, February 17, 2012

Make Up Store Greta

Hang on, give me a second to wipe the drool up off my keyboard... Okay, so here is Make Up Store Greta! The most stunning holographic polish to ever grace my nails. I won Greta in a giveaway months ago and never got around to wearing it because it doesn't really look that stunning in the bottle. Boy, am I regretting that! Greta is the standard silver holo, but it's the strongest one I've ever seen.

The awesome thing about Greta (well, one of the many awesome things) is that it ALWAYS looks holographic. It looks crazy good in direct light/sunlight, but is still very holographic in normal household and diffused light. I can't wait to wear this in the summer!

Greta's only downfall was the application. I don't have an aqua base coat for holos, so I endured four (or maybe five, I don't remember) coats of awful dragging and bald spots before it was finally even. I'd be willing to bet that an aqua base would completely fix that problem though. I also didn't use a top coat here because I was afraid it would dull the holo effect.


  1. I have found you don't need aqua base-just skip the base coat all together and it should work better

  2. love it! I heard filing and buffing your nails before applying, and skipping a base coat helps if you don't have an aqua base.

  3. That really sucks about the application, but it looks like it paid of because it looks great on you :o)

  4. Wow! I fell in love when I saw this polish. I have tried to find it online but have been unable to. I live in North Carolina. Any suggestions on where I may purchase it? You did an amazing job and it looks great.

    1. Hey Mary! I unfortunately don't have any idea where you could buy this in the States. Your best bet would probably be to try eBay or see if you could find someone who lives in Sweden to swap with. Sorry I can't be of more help!

  5. Hi ladies a beauty supply in Anaheim hills , ca carries it. It's called mimis beauty supply their number is 714 921 3811. They have a ton of othe colors!!! Enjoy

  6. Aww, I was just pondering if I want to spend the money for a bottle of Greta since I'm staying in sweden for a few days. After seeing your pictures, it's decided that I want Greta! <3


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