Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Zoya Petra w/Spectraflair

Soooo as I was mindlessly browsing around on the internet this weekend, I came across a post somewhere (don't ask me where because I haven't the slightest idea) where it was discussed that topping Zoya Petra with a Spectraflair topcoat turns it into an almost perfect dupe of the highly coveted and VHTF original formula of OPI My Private Jet. I wish I had MPJ to compare this to in person, but from what I can tell in other people's swatches, it looks pretty close. 

This is two thick coats of Zoya Petra with one coat of Spectraflair topcoat. Regardless of whether or not this is a dupe of MPJ, it is gorgeous! I love Petra by itself, but the holo topcoat makes it absolutely amazing. It actually reminds me of a more linear version of Color Club Revvvolution.

These photos are all done with an artificial daylight bulb, not in actual sunlight. I wanted to see this outside really badly, but it's been snowing and there is no sunlight to be found. Anyway, can those of you who are lucky enough to have MPJ attest to how close this is? I would appreciate your opinions! :)


  1. I believe it was Pointless Cafe who did this idea :)

  2. Do you make the Spectraflair topcoat yourself?
    It's *very* beautiful!

  3. This is really lovely. I have Zoya Kelly and didn't think it was necessary to get Petra as well, but if I had a spectraflair top coat, I would buy it in an instant. I really like this!

  4. @starification, thank you! I think you're right.

    @Rainbowify Me, I personally didn't make mine; I got it already mixed in a swap. I think it's as simple as mixing the Spectraflair powder with a clear topcoat though.

    Thank you for the comments everyone :)

  5. Wow this is so awesome! I bought some of that spectraflair but could never get the quantity correct in my top coat. Kept sinking to the bottom

  6. Gorgeous!! Kinda excited to try this! A trip to Sally's is in the future!

  7. This is awesome, wish I could have a bottle of the original MPJ too :p


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