Friday, December 30, 2011

$50 for $25 deal!

Hey everyone! Just dropping in real quick to let you know about this awesome deal I snagged yesterday. If you go to Plum District via my referral link, you can get $50 worth of products from for only $25. But on top of that, I think if you use my link, you get $5 off and if you use the code "fabulous" you get another $2.50 off. So, you could end up getting the $50 voucher, but only paying $17.50 for it!

There is only a little over one day left to snag this deal, so don't miss it if you want it! Bloom carries OPI, Zoya, and Essie polishes, as well as tons of beauty products from a bunch of different brands. I'm saving mine for the OPI Holland collection. :D Here is the link for the deal if you are interested:

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