Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Julep Gayle

Again, Julep! You did it again! Gayle is incredible! Absolutely perfect formula (two coats) and a beautiful color as well. I'm really impressed with the polishes I've ordered lately from Julep; I don't know if I got some duds in the beginning or what, but the formula has been exponentially better in the polishes I've ordered recently.

Julep describes Gayle as a "regal, deep aubergine." I'm not sure I'd go with deep aubergine, maybe deep berry? It's definitely vibrant. I topped it with a coat of Orly Fowl Play on my accent nails and wore this for a whopping three days (an eternity for manis in my life)! I had minor chipping on the corners of a few of my nails, but I'm sure that would be solved with a better base coat. Maybe if my order from Bloom would ever show up... anywayyyyy...


  1. It's beautiful in itself, but Orly's Fowl Play makes it stunning! :)

  2. I love this color, and your right, the formula is perfect!

  3. wow this one is pretty.. love the accent nail!

  4. I have this Gayle. Such a pretty purple!

  5. GORGEOUS! I love the accent nail :)


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