Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Color Club Foiled: Part Two

And here you go! The second (cool-toned) half of the incredible Color Club Foiled collection! So without further ado... 

Perfect Mol-Ten surprised me just like Antiquated did; I really was not expecting to like it this much! Any shades of green other than dark ones just don't really fly with me, but this is an exception. It's like an ice-y, mint leaf green that just glows!

Lumen-ICEcent has a silly name, but it really does remind me of ice. Light blue with a TON of silver, almost to the point of obscuring the blue. I'm not really crazy about this one, actually. I'm too pale for this one :(

Cold Metal is AMAAZINGGG! It's a deep blue metallic that is so pigmented I only needed one coat! I bet this one will be especially awesome for stamping (though I'd bet that every polish in this collection will be very adequate for stamping).

And since I recently acquired Essie Matte About You, I thought I'd try it out over Cold Metal. Prepare to be blown away by beauty:

Incredible, right? I'm going to be mattifying everything in sight mwahaha! You can find this collection for $7.99 at certain Ross stores and online on sites like TransDesign. Can you really deny it at that price??


  1. I think Cold Metal is the only one I really liked from this collection. Foils don't seem to do much for me :P

  2. You're right, cold metal is stunning, especially with the matte top coat. I can't wait to wear that one :)


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