Friday, September 2, 2011

Julep Stefani

As many of you may know, Julep has been having some technical issues with their Maven box subscriptions and referral codes. I've been told that they are working out the kinks, so hopefully they will be running smoothly in no time. I'd like to give this company the benefit of the doubt and not give up on them just yet.

Regardless, I am still very happy with the products that Julep offers. In my September Maven box, I received the polish Stefani, which is a glittery olive shade with tiny gold shimmer. The formula on these Julep polishes is pretty great. I used two coats for the photos below; this was a super quick and easy manicure. I have four more polishes from Julep on their way and I can't wait to get them! :)

Here's a nice close-up of all the gold shimmer pieces:

And lastly, if anyone is interested, this was the contents of my September Maven box. In addition to Stefani, I received a cuticle oil with roller-ball top (!!!), a crystal file, and Julep's SPF 30 hand cream. The cuticle oil is pretty good and it smells nice too, though the smell actually reminds me of lemon Pledge. Random, I know. The file is okay as well, it doesn't work as quickly as my cheap file from Sally's, but it's probably better for nail health in the long run. The hand cream was the only disappointment in the bunch. It smells like bad sunscreen (normally I LOVE the smell of sunscreen) and leaves my hands greasy after I use it. I think I'll stick with my Avon Intensive Moisture lotion...


  1. wow your camera is amazing on that close up shot!!! i've been looking for a good camera because i'm over the point-and-shoots with their unreliability and horrible zoom quality.
    this is really a gorgeous olive green - love it!

  2. I cancelled my Maven program because of the issues. I was on the fence about continuing anyway... but damned if I don't want that cuticle oil and Stefani! lol

  3. This color looks absolutely gorgeous on you! I'm loving the gold shimmer!

  4. (I ordered this with one of my referral credits because of this post! :) )

  5. what a gorgeous color!! I need this one!

  6. What Amber said! Love your blog and just ordered this gorgeous polish after this post. I used the lastest link you provided so I hope you get some credit too...

  7. This shade is just beautiful and very special to me


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