Friday, September 16, 2011

Julep Jennifer

A few weeks ago, my boyfriend's sister got married and I fell in love with sheer bridal nail polish. I was contemplating buying the OPI Femme de Cirque mini set, but then I received some referral credits from Julep and decided to see what they had to offer. Coincidently, the sheer I most wanted from their website is named after my boyfriend's sister! Here is two coats of Jennifer, a sheer pale pink.


  1. Cute! I just got my first maven box yesterday and Jennifer was in it.

  2. Very pretty! And I don't like colors like this often.

  3. I just bought this after seeing it on you on FB, I love it! The FBMAVEN works too! thanks for sharing

  4. I just purchased this color from Sephora. I work in a jail and we are not allowed anything other than clear (natural color). This fits the bill and I feel pretty even though I'm in bdu's and combat boots!


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