Monday, September 19, 2011

Dr.'s Remedy Enriched Instant Cover

I know, I know. This blog is called "The Nail Network" and this is not a nail-related post/product. However, I know that a lot of you, my awesome readers, are interested in make-up/beauty products just as much as nail polish and I'm sure you'd be interested in this! Here is my review of Dr.'s Remedy Enriched Instant Cover concealing cream:

Incase you were unaware, Dr.'s Remedy provides nail and beauty product alternatives that use natural ingredients instead of the harsh chemicals used in many other brands.  Because of that, their products are great for the health-conscious individual (and the color diversity of their polish makes them a great choice for polish lovers!).

Dr.'s Remedy says that you can use their Enriched Instant Cover (which comes in three different shades: Light, Medium, and Deep) to cover up just about anything, be it tattoos, sun spots, or even birthmarks. I have this really pronounced vein in my foot (spider vein?) that always irks me, so I'm going to attempt to cover it up with the Light shade.

One of the many awesome things about this Enriched Instant Cover is the sponge applicator. It makes it so much easier and less messy to apply and I was so excited about it that I used it before I took a photo, sorry! Another cool thing is that it smells really good! I was really afraid it was going to have one of those nasty, drugstore make-up smells, but it definitely doesn't.

I darkened that first foot photo just a smidge so that you can see what the vein looks like in reality... This next photo is after two/three coats of Enriched Instant Cover. I say "two/three" because I kind of just smudged it on and blended it until it looked right; I didn't wait for each coat to dry like I probably should have.

That looks really good, right? I was skeptical at first of the coverage that Enriched Instant Cover would provide, but it really delivered! I'm sure the three shades that it's offered in won't match up perfectly with very many skin tones, but this isn't an issue; when you're done applying it, just lightly blend some of your normal face powder with it to help it match your skin tone.

This last photo was taken in my room with a flash, but is more realistic than the outdoor photos above. You can tell that from a normal viewing distance, my obnoxious vein is completely gone! I'm glad to say that I am genuinely impressed with this product and I'm happy to give Dr.'s Remedy a big thumbs up!

Dr.'s Remedy Enriched Instant Cover retails at $40 for 3.5oz and can be purchased on their website, HERE.

Also, head on over to FACEBOOK and give their page some love! :)

(This product was sent to me for review)

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  1. yeah, I'm into makeup too! wow, nice results. I've never heard of them but now I'm glad you did this review


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