Monday, September 12, 2011

China Glaze Midtown Magic

If you're reading this post, I'm sure you may have noticed that The Nail Network got a major makeover this weekend! I'm pretty sure I love it, but I want your opinions! Is it easy to navigate? Are the fonts a good size/style for reading? Along the same vein, I also wanted to introduce my new watermark! Ta da! I hope it's not too intrusive! :)

This is Midtown Magic from China Glaze's fall Metro collection. Hands down, this is one of the best polishes from that collection. Midtown Magic is a brownish burgundy base with gold shimmer pieces that change between gold, red, and orange in certain light. Absolutely gorgeous. First coat was a little streaky, second coat was perfection.

I had a bottle of OPI Espresso Your Style sitting on my desk and thought for a second that these looked kind of similar. I must not have had my glasses on since they are very obviously not... at any rate, I compared them below.

ANNNNNND here is Midtown Magic with one coat of Sally Hansen Pumpkin Spice! I've been absolutely dying to use Pumpkin Spice and I think it looks totally perfect over MM! I love how you can still see the gold shimmer underneath the orange glitter! I can't wait to wear this as a whole mani.


  1. That's amazing! Your pics are fabulous too! Great post :)

  2. LOVE the combo, Your pics are amazing, Can you come over and take mine =)

  3. I have got to get espresso your style! So pretty! Love your new watermark! Need to update mine!

  4. I have both of these, but have yet to wear them....I'm still clinging on to summer!! Can't wait to wear Midtown Magic!

  5. I'm glad that you swatched Pumpkin Spice. I have that color but I've been saving it for October :)

  6. Oh, yah! I have this polish swatched, but not posted yet! I love it! I gave it to my sister though because it is perfect for her liking! I have pumpkin spice too but have not used it!


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