Saturday, August 20, 2011

Zoya Kym

Ah, Zoya! So perfect. Kym is a rusty red with tons of gorgeous shimmer. I could have left this on for weeks. Unfortunately, I did something really stupid and didn't wash my lotion off my nails before I painted them and my polish peeled off in big sheets literally two hours after I did them. As mad as I was, it was kind of fun to peel it off... Anyway, here are some photos that I took before the disaster happened...

The first photo is the more color-accurate of the two, but I included the flash photo below to show the shimmer in Kym. I can't get over how perfect this is for fall.

Hey Zoya, have another awesome soon promo preaseeeee? :) 


  1. I do that all the time..and then I peel them! It's terrible but so addicting!

    This colour is gorgeous and adding it to my list of must haves from Zoya!

  2. this is SO gorgeous. I peel them too haha
    Kym is next for me, for sure!

  3. This is a great one from the Sunshine collection that will reach beyond summertime wear. I plan to keep it with my winter reds so I don't forget to wear it. I got the entire Sunshine collection the one day Zoya offered by her entire Color Lock System ($48 - same as the either of the summer 6 piece collections) and you got to pick either of the 2 summer 2011 collections - the creams or the shimmer ones. Hard decision for me but I opted for the shimmers and have had fun with them all. it was a fab deal and so glad I got in on it.

  4. I hated Zoya's service but their deals and colors keep bring me back...I just got 4 new ones (Cynthia, Jem, Angelina and Envy) and I'm ready to get more

  5. Ahh so pretty!! And very perfect for fall.


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