Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Orly Fowl Play

Hey everyone! Before I give you the post for today, I just wanted to let everyone know that I've heard back from ProudMary and I will be sending her giveaway prizes out today! I just wanted to thank everyone again for participating!

The polish I have for you today is Orly Fowl Play. Fowl Play is made up of tons of red/orange flakes and blue-ish silver glitter suspended in an eggplant colored base. I used three coats for what you see in the photos. I know this is basically a copy of an old OPI shade, but it's still so awesome and worth owning!

The photo above is with flash in the shade and the photo below is in direct sunlight (I think the sunlight photo is better/more accurate, but the glitter shows up more in the flash photo). Also, I had a hard time photographing this, but the flakes in Fowl Play actually shift to different colors depending on the angle you hold your hand.



  1. I always knew I wanted this...but these are the first decent pics I have seen! Good job!

  2. I always saw raves about this on blogs, but never understood until now! lol. This is definitely going on my wishlist now!

  3. I am so jealous that you have this polish! I ordered it but they haven't shipped it yet. I think it is temporary out of stock... boo!

  4. ZOMG! I so need this polish! My Sally's STILL doesn't have it. Orly needs to MAKE MORE ALREADY!! LOL.

    I'll have mail from you soon! YAY!!

    Awesome pics too!

  5. @ProudMary, I dropped your package off at the post office yesterday afternoon! Maybe you'll have it by the weekend? :)

  6. I just got this one. An discovered it looked like a polish I have from OPI. Will compare them.
    You take great photos by the way!

  7. Stunning!! Fowl Play is a major lemming of mine

  8. It definitely is awesome, I'm just so lucky that I found something similar from a cheap brand and now I can have something like Fowl play on my nails


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