Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Julep Maven Box!

Hey everyone! My first Julep box arrived a few days ago and I thought I would share it with you! I was very, very excited about this. The products were packed very well; the nail polishes were wrapped with tissue paper and everything was put inside of a gift bag before being packed in the box. Here is an image of all the contents together:

I got the "American Beauty" box, which came with a summery pink called Cameron, a dusty purple called Alfre, a nail treatment, a hand scrub, and a sample size of the hand scrub and an SPF hand cream. Not bad for $4.99, I'd say.

I know some bloggers have rather negative opinions of these bottles, but I love them. I would never pay full price for them, but all the same, I think they are a great shape and size. Here is a Julep bottle compared in size to a bottle of OPI and the neat little cut outs on the side of the Julep bottle (how cool would a whole shelf of polishes with cut outs like this look??):

I thought that I should use at least one of the colors and include a swatch for this post, so below you will find a photo of Cameron. Very bright, summery, happy shade of pink. It's not quite neon, but I did have a difficult time trying to get the color accurate on my computer. I have also used the Glycolic Hand Scrub and it does seem to soften my hands a bit, although I don't think it's gentle enough to use with every hand-washing like it says on the bottle. It smells like oranges as well. :)

Overall, I'm very pleased with this experience. The products are great for the price of the Maven box and I'm very pleased with my purchase.


  1. Signed up using your link--can't wait to get my first box! Looks great!

    Allison Lanier

  2. These boxes seem like such great value! I dont know if they ship to the UK? :(

  3. I signed up as well-for the IT girl-but just called them and changed to boho glam-more my colors! Am a new follower!

  4. This is the box that is on it's way to me! I can't wait, especially after your swatch!

  5. I just signed up as well and I got American Beauty too!

  6. @Vicky, I don't know whether or not they ship outside the US. Try sending them an e-mail; they seem to be pretty quick with responding to mine!

    I hope you all enjoy your boxes as much as I enjoyed mine! :)


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