Saturday, July 16, 2011

OPI Silver Shatter over White

I know this isn't the most exciting color combo ever... but I still think it looks awesome. I debated for a while which color I should put under my new OPI Silver Shatter and finally decided to just start with white. I realllllly like this combination; it's perfect for when you want some shatter in your life but don't want your nails to be too crazy and attention-grabbing. 

China Glaze White on White is a pretty decent white polish. It was opaque and non-streaky enough at two coats for me to shatter over, but if I was wearing it alone, I definitely would have done a third coat. It's the kind of polish you have to be patient with. On the other hand, Silver Shatter worked perfectly, which I expect from OPI, of course. My right hand is kind of beaten up right now, but I like the shatter better on those nails so here is a bright sunshine photo of that:


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