Friday, July 29, 2011

China Glaze First Mate

I love this color. I really feel like I should just break down and order the rest of the polishes from the Anchors Away collection that I don't own. Nautical nail polish... hitting two of my obsessions with one stone... At any rate, First Mate is an awesome navy blue polish that I used one coat of for my mani. It's just perfect! I wanted to try a full nail stamp from the new BM plates, so I picked one that kind of reminded me of waves and went at it. This unorganized mess of stamping is what I ended up with:


  1. How cute is that manicure!!!!! It looks wonderful!

  2. This is really cute, and First Mate is stunning!
    I'm going to eventually own the Anchors Away collection. It's just so epic!


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