Wednesday, July 27, 2011

China Glaze Coral Star

China Glaze Coral Star is one of the polishes that my best friend gave to me as a birthday present (Tree Hugger was as well). Coral Star is a frosty, pink-y coral that was opaque in two coats. The brushstrokes just kill me with this one. It's such a gorgeous color but the brushstrokes in the photos don't do it any favors. A note on the bottle color: I hadn't used this for a while because it looked very orange-toned in the bottle and I wasn't crazy about it. However, once I got it on my nails and got outside, I noticed that it is very obviously pink-toned and not orange. The lighting in my room (and in Sally's when I looked for it there) didn't do much for it. Also, please excuse my uneven middle nail. The edge broke a few days ago and I'm patiently waiting for it to grow back in so I can shape it again.

And guess what came in the mail yesterday?? BigRuby nail tattoos! These are sooooo awesome and so simple and easy to apply. They go on just like a temporary tattoo, but on your nail instead of your skin. I only bought the Sea pack because I NEEDED the shells and the sharks, but they have a ton of other cool categories too! I know they are kind of expensive for nail art, but they are totally and completely worth it. Check them out here.


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