Monday, June 20, 2011

OPI Catch Me In Your Net!!!

Guess who found 3 (THREE!) bottles of the illustrious Catch Me In Your Net from OPI at Wegman's yesterday? This girl! I'm still kind of in shock about it; this kind of stuff doesn't ever happen to me. It wasn't even on my wish list because I knew how hard it was to find, and there I was with three bottles of it in my hands. I had a little freak out while my sister watched and laughed until I explained why I was so excited.

At any rate, I ended up buying all three of them; one to keep, of course, and the other two to sell on eBay. I'm going to start them at $8 each, since that's what I paid for them. I'll post a link here once I get them listed in case any of you lovelies are interested in them! Here it is: CMIYN eBay listing!

My sister also ended up buying the lone bottle of Wing It! in the display, so I will swatch that for you all once I can bear to remove CMIYN from my nails!

As I'm sure many of you know, Catch Me In Your Net is a gorgeous blue/green glass-fleck glitter type polish. The tiny glitter is just so amazing! The formula of my bottle was also fantastic; I did three coats, as two was just a bit too sheer for me, but they applied perfectly. I actually was surprised how quickly they dried in between coats as well. All around, this was a great experience! ;)

I had a tiny bit of VNL in certain lighting situations, but with Catch Me In Your Net, I just don't care. The color is way too beautiful to be concerned about a little bit of nail line showing. 


  1. This is so nice! I love this polish!!

    Oh, you wrote "Reggae to Riches" in your post ;D

  2. This color is so so nice... Did u mix Any color? Cause I see green and blue in your nails

  3. @Cherrie, nope, I didn't mix it with anything! That's just how it looks out of the bottle.

  4. OMG.. is really nice... feel like wanna get one bottle from you.. but I'm in Malaysia -_-"

  5. Cherrie, I opened up one of my listings for international shipping!

  6. oh cool Chelsea... how much will that be for the delivery fees to Malaysia?

  7. I have the shipping set at $4 for shipping to any country outside the US. That includes First Class International shipping and a tracking number.


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