Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Here goes my blog virginity...

Hello everyone! Anyone? Well, this is my first ever blog post. I've been throwing around the idea of starting this ever since I joined Blogger to follow other nail-related blogs a few months ago; I guess I finally got bored enough to do it ;). As you can probably guess, this blog will mainly focus on nails: nail polish, nail art, etc. However, I'm sure I'll end up throwing in some of my other obsessions (re: cupcakes, sci-fi shows, nerdy paraphernalia, anything and everything nautical). Here goes nothing...


  1. Your swatches are amazing! Even when you say that a polish gave you trouble, you seem to have flawless manicures. I love how smooth the polish looks, and how clean your lines and cuticles are. I envy your skill.

  2. Thank you, Fading Cadence! That's so sweet of you to say and it means a lot to me. :)

  3. Congratulations on this very successful blog u have with amazing swatches and tips. I thoroughly enjoyed each and every post of urs. I have in the past started atleast 5 blogs but never was able to go past my first post. It is thru ur blog that i also learned how one can create interesting jewelry out of nail polishes. amazing!!

  4. I just read your entire blog over the course of about a week from most recent to oldest and I have to say I love it! You are very talented and your posts a clever and funny ;) I look forward to experiencing all that you have for the rest of The Nail Network. Oh, and congratulations on your engagement!! <3


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